30 April 2009


I’m not sleepy so I can’t sleep but i need to get up early tomorrow so I’m trying to put myself to sleep but I’m unsuccessful so far. What is success anyways??? So I don’t need to be successful just live an exciting life!!
See I’m not making any sense…that’s what happens when I have a headache…I talk crap
I can’t believe I’m typing crap
I am in the mood for some crap
I mean who in their right minds would ever type crap?
Speaking is a different thing but typing? I have to start getting real…I’m not crazy am I?
No, not crazy…my reality is just different than yours or anyone else who thinks I’m crazy...real is the word!!
The whole world can’t be crazy can it?? It’s just real
See how I manage to just make no sense? Damn I need a pain killer!!!